Feeling information overload is so common throughout fertility treatment. You’ll hear about hormone levels from the first fertility work-up you may have at your fertility center. It can help to understand why these hormones levels are important and what purpose they serve in monitoring them. That’s why we’re providing a free printable  Fertility Hormones Info Sheet below to use during your fertility journey!

As wellness leaders, we hope to provide useful information and insight beyond serving all fertility medication needs as a full-service fertility pharmacy.

Our Fertility Hormones Info Sheet includes a basic description of estrogen, progesterone, follicle-stimulating hormone, luteinizing hormone, and anti-müllerian hormone, along with places to keep track of your levels if you’re interested.

Why are hormone levels so important to monitor during fertility treatment?

Hormone levels are typically monitored during treatment cycles to provide an overall “fertility picture”. This helps to provide an understanding of ovarian reserve (eggs remaining in the ovaries) and helps physicians to guide treatment.

What are the names of the common hormones tested?

Estrogen (E2): stimulates follicles (eggs)

Progesterone: helps support the uterine lining for implantation and early pregnancy

Follicle-Stimulating Hormone (FSH): stimulates egg development

Luteinizing Hormone (LH): stimulates the release of the egg from the follicle (ovulation)

Anti-Müllerian Hormone (AMH): secreted by small natural follicles at the start of the cycle, it serves as an indicator of ovarian reserve

Whether you are trying to conceive now or in the future, we’re proud to serve as fertility partners.

Click here (or on the image above) to get our printable Metro Integrative Fertility Hormones Info Sheet.


Linda Scruggs BSN, RN has specialized for 15 years in fertility, reproductive medicine, and women’s health. As a nurse, patient educator, and solo mother of two children, she shares personal experience with high-risk pregnancies. Connect with Linda on Instagram at @metrointegrative and @unboxedmom where she serves as a resource to empower and educate women seeking wellness for themselves and their families.

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