Everyone has probably heard about egg freezing, but there are some basic questions that usually get brought up when someone wants to learn more about this type of fertility cycle.

It helps to know what to expect if you’re considering egg freezing and sometimes less is more. Simple explanations about required testing, treatment, procedures, and medications can given a framework to understand whether egg freezing is an option you may want to learn more about.

As part of our ongoing effort to serve as a fertility resource to empower women, here is a quick and easy overview on Egg Freezing Expectations.

It may be surprising to learn that a fertility evaluation involves blood work and a transvaginal ultrasound on day 3 of your period. I know I would appreciate that heads up and have heard from many women that they wish they had known that was coming. The next commonly asked question that always follows is…what if I’m bleeding heavily on day 3? The good news is that while it may be uncomfortable with a “yuck” factor, your fertility healthcare team fully expects it. Nurse tip: just bring extra pads/tampons/menstrual cup for after your ultrasound.

If you would like any further information on medication pricing for your injectables, give us a call at 212.794.7200. As a full-service fertility pharmacy, our Metro Integrative fertility specialists can help navigate through insurance coverage or self-paying options as well as financing and hope to make that part of the process a little bit easier.

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Linda Scruggs BSN, RN has specialized for 15 years in fertility, reproductive medicine, and women’s health. As a nurse, patient educator, and solo mother of two children, she shares personal experience with high-risk pregnancies. Connect with Linda on Instagram at @metrointegrative and @unboxedmom where she serves as a resource to empower and educate women seeking wellness for themselves and their families.

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