Keeping track of your fertility cycle may seem unnecessary but it can save your sanity when trying to keep up with medication dosages and appointments for ultrasound and bloodwork. Add to all the details of fertility treatment a mix of hormones and emotions that are running high and it’s easy to understand how there may be confusion.

A sanity saver can be found by using this easy-to-use IVF Medication Log Sheet.

Why is it important to keep track of your medication dosages during your fertility cycles? Helps reduce the risk of running low or out of medication. Knowing you only have enough medication for one night when you need two or three nights will allow you to call in a refill ahead of time and stay on top of your cycle so you feel prepared.

Helps you feel more in control and empowered that you are following along as your cycle progresses.

Helps eliminate added stress of forgetting a dose that could potentially compromise your response to treatment or missing a monitoring appointment at your fertility center because you’ll be keeping track with a customizable fertility cycle calendar and medication log.

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Linda Scruggs BSN, RN has specialized for 15 years in fertility, reproductive medicine, and women’s health. As a nurse, patient educator, and solo mother of two children, she shares personal experience with high-risk pregnancies. Connect with Linda on Instagram at @metrointegrative and @unboxedmom where she serves as a resource to empower and educate women seeking wellness for themselves and their families.

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